The Email Dashboard is a list-specific dashboard that displays metrics about the specific list you are viewing. This is often the landing page you will be directed to when first logging into the Listrak Platform.

To access the email dashboard, first ensure you are on the desired email list by selecting it from the drop-down and then navigate to Dashboards > Email Dashboard.

The email dashboard displays a collection of widgets that provide insight into your list and the Listrak Platform.


The shortcuts widget at the top of the page provide access to commonly visited pages. These pages are also accessible in the side navigation.

  • Create Message: This shortcut directs to the Create Email Broadcast message creation experience to easily begin creating a new email.

  • Add Contacts: This shortcut directs to the List Import Wizard to easily upload a list of new contacts or add new data.

  • Message Activity: This shortcut directs to the Message Activity Report to easily view engagement metrics of your broadcast emails sent from the selected list.

  • List Activity Dashboard: This shortcut directs to the List Activity Dashboard to regularly keep an eye on list growth and performance.

Recent Messages

The recent messages widget displays a carousel of the 12 most recent broadcast messages sent from the selected list. You will see a thumbnail image, high-level performance metrics, and icons that link to additional reporting.

💡 If a broadcast message has not been sent from the selected list (e.g. Abandonment ) there will be no data displayed.

List Size By Method

This widget displays a week-by-week chart of your contacts for the last year. Clicking in the legend will remove or add a data point back to the chart. The following types of contacts are displayed: existing (contacts who were added before the week), administrator (contacts added from your subscription points), list import (contacts added via the list import wizard), and list hygiene (contacts who had their email corrected).

Scheduled Messages

This widget presents a scrollable monthly calendar. The current date is listed in bold. A green circle indicates a message is scheduled to send on that date in the future.

💡 Clicking on the green circle opens the view scheduled email page to quickly manage your scheduled messages.

News Updates

This widget displays updates from the Listrak platform. Here you can keep up-to-date on recent updates to the platform functionality or learn about upcoming maintenance.

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