The beginning of this article walks through the step-by-step process required for a full-service Listrak-led integration.
Preference data can be used to target and segment your shoppers, ensuring that campaigns are delivered to the right channels with messages that are highly personal and relevant. There are a few steps to setting up a preference center on your site with Listrak. 



The code below is used to install the preference center onto your website. In order to populate the preference center, please be sure the Listrak JavaScript framework is on the applicable preference page. 

  • NOTE: If you have a separate mobile site, remember to install this code again onto that site.

<div data-ltk-prefcenter="XXXXXX"></div>

Please reach out to your Project Manager for your specific div tag applicable to your account.


Listrak develops the hosted preference center page(s) according to your approved design specifications. At this time, you are responsible for installing the tag onto your website. 

Your Project Manager will be able to supply you with the install link.


The Listrak miniform works as an additional email capture point that redirects to your preference center. The miniform code is a great addition to a site if you are looking to capture additional preference data to use for your marketing campaigns. Please provide your preference center URL to Listrak. Then, the code is created and delivered to you. 

At this point, please place this code on your website, applicable to the preference center pages. to be placed on your site.

Now that your preference center is complete and the code has been placed on your website, the last step is to update the unsubscribe link in the footer. Linking your footer unsubscribe link to your preference center page allows your customers to stay connected with you on their preferred cadence. Follow the below steps to update your unsubscribe link.

1. Navigate to your saved message or saved content containing the unsubscribe link.
2. Locate the copy that's referencing the unsubscribe link.
3. Click the link icon on the text toolbar.
4. Update the Link URL to the preference center URL unsubscribe link. 

5. Click Save.

Be sure to update this across all messages or saved content containing an unsubscribe link. This gives your customers an option to stay connected with you, rather than opting out completely.


After you've tested the preference center, added the code and miniform to your website, updated the unsubscribe link across your messages, and provided your feedback to Listrak, coordinate with your Project Manager to launch this solution.

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