The SMS List Dashboard displays important information about each of your lists. Access this Dashboard by navigating to Contacts > SMS Contacts SMS Lists. Click on the List Name to see the detailed view of how a specific list is performing. Use the search feature to find a list not displayed on the page.

List Health

  1. New List: Click to create a new SMS list.

  2. Date Selector: The date selector allows you to adjust the timeframe for your report view. The metrics in your report will update to show data for the selected range.

  3. Edit List Settings: Click to edit the settings for this list.

  4. List Health The List Health graph shows how this list is growing during the selected timeframe. Use the legend to show or hide the subscriber count and suspension count during the timeframe.

  5. New Subscriptions: Individuals who have opted-into your short code via imports or keyword campaigns associated with the list you're viewing.

  6. Unsubscribes: Individuals who have opted-out of your short code by texting STOP, individually removed by an admin, or removed due to phone deactivation or permanent failure.

  7. Carrier Suppressions: Displays the total number of contacts who had their service temporarily paused during the selected timeframe.

  8. List Delta: Rate of change from the beginning of your reporting period to the end of your reporting period. Suppressed contacts are still considered subscribed in the list delta calculations.

  9. List Type: Displays the type of program that your list will represent - Marketing, Transactional, or Test.

Opt-Out Reasons

View the Opted-out contacts broken down by reason, the percentage within each reason, or by using the pie chart graphic.

The reason or method assigned to a contact that has been opted-out of the short code. Types include:

  • Mobile Originated User (MO): Mobile Originated (MO) text message sent from a consumer's mobile device to (opt-in/opt-out) of a short code.

  • Delivery Failure: Assigned when Listrak receives information back from the delivery receipt indicating a phone number is no longer in use or service.

  • Opt-out: Assigned when a Listrak platform user removes a subscriber from the list via the Contacts page.

  • API: Assigned when the Unsubscribe Contact API is used to successfully unsubscribe someone from Listrak.

  • Import: Assigned when a Contact file is imported to Listrak used to opt-out contacts.

  • Deactivate: Assigned when a phone number is shared by carriers as numbers no longer associated with that carrier.

  • Permanent Error: Listrak received an error code indicating the messages will never be received.

  • Banned: Assigned when a contact is permanently removed from all communication with the short code in Listrak.

Subscription Source

View the subscribed contacts broken down by source, the percentage within each source, or by using the pie chart graphic.

The source of how the contact was subscribed onto the short code. Types include:

  • Mobile Originated (MO) User: Counted when the Mobile Originated (MO) text message is sent from a consumer's mobile device to (opt-in/opt-out) of a short code.

  • Admin Subscription: Counted when a Listrak user imports a phone number to a list.

  • API: Counted when the Subscribe Contact API is used to successfully subscribe someone onto a list.

  • Import: Counted when a Contact file is imported into Listrak used to subscribe new contacts.

  • Subscription Point: Counted when a contact is subscribed to a list via a subscription point in Listrak.

Associated Keyword Campaigns

This section displays all keyword campaigns that are associated with a list during the specified time frame. These keyword campaigns contribute to the growth of the list and are categorized by Active, Scheduled, or Completed.

Bottom of Health Dashboard

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