The Subscription Point section is where subscription points are activated and deactivated, allows you to search for subscription points and can tell you from where your subscribers originated, such as popups, account create, or social media. Here you will learn what each of the items mean. To visit your Subscription Points from any page click on Settings > General Settings Subscription Points.

Active Tab

  • New Subscription Point - Create a new subscription point for email or SMS

  • Name - unique and descriptive identifier

  • Channel - describes the value being requested, email address or phone number

  • Merchant - identifies the domain/brand to which the customer is subscribing

  • List - identifies the marketing program to which the customer is subscribing

  • Subscribe ID - the value used in the integration code

  • Last Modified Date - identifies the date the subscription point was last modified.

  • Actions > Edit - typically used to add data mappings, most types of edits will require subscription point integration code to be edited as well

  • Actions > Deactivate - Deactivation removes the subscription point from the list of Actives. Deactivate a subscription point only AFTER the code has been removed from the website. Truly rendering a subscription point inoperable requires the code to be removed from the website.

Inactive Tab

  • Restore - Activation moves the subscription point to the list of Actives. Activate a subscription point only BEFORE the code has been integrated on the website. Truly rendering a subscription point operable requires the code to be integrated on the website AND the subscription point to be saved.

For more information reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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