A Listrak Subscription Point will automatically add new subscribers to your chosen list, check an acquisition source field ('Meta Lead Ad'), and trigger an event that can be used to send an email Welcome Series. By connecting this subscription point to your Lead Ad Form, you engage new subscribers in real-time.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Exchange.

  2. Click on Manage Forms on the Lead Ads Automation card.

    💡 If the card says Get Started finish the setup of Listrak Exchange before proceeding.

  3. Click Connect New Lead Ad.

  4. Choose an existing Meta Lead Ad Form or click Create New to create a New Lead Ad Form in your Meta Ads Manager.

  5. Next, select or create a Listrak subscription point.

    💡 If you're running your first Lead Ad, create a new subscription point to track these specific contacts.

  6. If creating a new subscription point, enter a subscription point name. Skip to step 9 if selecting an existing subscription point.

  7. Select the list contacts should be added to after subscribing.

  8. Select or create a external event. The external event is required to send contacts a Welcome Series in Listrak Conductor.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. Select a segmentation field to track the acquisition source or create a new field.

    💡 The suggested source field name is FacebookLeadAd

    You can also collect additional data on the Lead Ad form and sync it to Listrak by selecting additional segmentation fields. If the field you are collecting on the form does not exist, you can create it.

  11. Click Complete once all fields have been created.

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