On Instagram, a clickable “link sticker” can be added to an Instagram Story, (available to verified user accounts with over 10,000 followers), allowing the viewer to be directed to a designated URL from within the Instagram app. The URL we provide you to use for the link sticker contains “Tap-to-Join” technology for a quick & easy way for your followers to sign up for your SMS program. Using this feature is an effective way to grow your SMS audience with no integration to Instagram needed.

💡 Need to update a live “Swipe-to-Join” campaign (Instagram began to retire the swipe-up feature as of August 31, 2021)? Click here to learn what you need to do.

How it Works

For the mobile Instagram app, you would design a Story graphic that announces your SMS program and encourages followers to sign up. When you add the graphic to your stories, you’ll also add a “link sticker,” using the URL we provide. Your followers then have the option to subscribe to your SMS program by clicking on your Instagram Story. This action opens the viewer’s default texting app, which will auto-fill your dedicated short code and a special Keyphrase. The viewer will then tap the “send” button next to the drafted message, effectively texting the Keyphrase to the short code. This action subscribes the viewer to your SMS list via a “keyword campaign”. The viewer will then receive a text confirming their subscription and an incentive (if applicable).

How to Implement it on your Instagram Story

There are four elements to consider when setting up this type of campaign: the Listrak Keyword Campaign, the Instagram Story Creative, the Instagram “link sticker”, and the URL provided by Listrak.

1 Create your Keyword Campaign

With the help of your Account Manager, create your Keyword campaign in Listrak. This will be what makes the subscription to SMS work.

💡Helpful Tips:

  • Consider using a Data Acquisition message to ask for email sign-up.

  • Include a link to your website for click-through and revenue tracking.

  • An incentive is typically offered to encourage sign-up

  • Include appropriate disclaimer language for compliance!

2 Create your Instagram Story

Check out these helpful design resources:

💡 Be sure to feature the Story frequently – perhaps 2x a month, and also pin it to the top of your profile so viewers coming to your page always have the opportunity to sign up for SMS!

3 Add your customized clickable Tap-to-Join On Instagram sticker using the URL provided by Listrak

💡 To update your Swipe-to-join campaign, simply update your graphic to remove the mention of “swipe” and add a link sticker instead and that's it, you will still use the same URL as that will no be affected.

How to Preview

  1. Preview your Story before posting.

    • Tap See a Preview to get a preview of what your Auto Pop campaign will look like to your viewer before tapping Done.

  2. Tap Done to complete.

How to Test

Once all the elements of your Tap-to-Join On Instagram campaign have been created, you are ready to test the functionality.

For example, post the story graphic with “link sticker” to your “Close Friends” group to test the campaign with your teammates and the following should happen:

  1. When they click on the story they should be redirected to their messaging app where the short code and Keyphrase have been auto-filled.

  2. They will then need to send the text message with the Keyphrase, and they should receive confirmation that they are now subscribed to the SMS list.

  3. If their phone number is already subscribed to the list, they will receive an existing subscriber message.

When you are ready, post the Tap-to-Join on Instagram Story live!

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