On Instagram, “swipe up” means your account has a tool that allows links to be added to Instagram Stories. If a link is added to a Story post, the viewer can swipe up from the bottom and be directed to that designated link within the Instagram app. This feature is currently only available to verified users and accounts with over 10,000 followers. Leverage mobile engagement on Instagram by utilizing this Story Swipe Feature, an effective way to grow your SMS audience in a seamless mobile experience - with no integration with Instagram.

Learn more about how you can easily add a 24 hour Swipe-to-Join campaign to an Instagram Story post.


On the mobile Instagram app, followers will click on the Instagram Story, and Swipe Up. This action opens their default texting app, which will auto-fill a short code and keyword. These contacts will then have the opportunity to subscribe to your SMS list via your keyword campaign. When they navigate back to the Instagram app, they will be directed to a custom page on your website. Custom HTML will be added to this page, which allows this two-tap approach to Swipe-to-Join.


Adding a swipe-to-join feature to an Instagram Story requires adding an HTML button and light marketing messaging to a new page on your website. There are three elements to consider when setting up this type of campaign:

  • Instagram story creative

  • Keyword campaign

  • Webpage redirect HTML


Swiping up on the Instagram Story automatically opens the contact's default text messaging client with your short code and opt-in keyword auto-filled. To implement this element, create an image file for the story. An Instagram Story Post should be

1080px x 1920px with a save margin of 250px at the top and bottom of the image.

To add Swipe Up to "View Shop" to your Story add a photo or video to your story, select the chain icon, select Instagram Profile Shop.

Tap Done.

To see what people will see when they swipe up on your story, tap See a Preview before tapping done.


The second element of a swipe-to-join campaign is the Keyword Campaign that a contact who swipes up on the story will interact with. Learn more about how to set up a Keyword Campaign.

  • TIP: Consider using a Data Acquisition message and including a link to the website for click-through and revenue tracking.


The last element of a swipe-to-join campaign is the addition of a custom webpage on your site with the webpage redirect code included. Create a page on your website and work with your Listrak Account Manager or the Professional Services Team to create content and HTML to install on your webpage.

  • TIP: Consider using soft marketing language on the page to encourage shoppers to browse the website.


Once all three elements of your swipe-to-join campaign have been created you are ready to test the functionality.

Navigate to the webpage on a mobile device, you should be redirected to your messaging app where the short code and keyword have been auto-filled. Send the text message with the keyword, you should receive confirmation that you are now subscribed to the keyword campaign. If your phone number is already subscribed to the short code, you will receive an existing subscriber message. When you are ready, post the Story with the link.

Congratulations, you have created SMS Swipe-to-Join on Instagram! To learn more about this and other SMS features, contact your Account Manager or Listrak Support for more information!

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