We’re excited to announce a new tool for unveiling the perfect segment of your list for your marketing campaigns! Featuring the most-commonly used criteria, you can select subscribers based on Marketing Status, Contact Attributes, Message Activity, Purchase History or a combination!

Two important things to note:

  • Legacy Filter will still be available until you’re ready to make the jump full-time.
  • We’d love your feedback! Submit your thoughts and ideas in the Feature Ideas area in your account. We want to make this the best segmentation tool you’ve ever used. 

Interested in learning more about using Segment Filter 2.0 in your email marketing program? Contact your Account Manager for more information!


  1. Confirm you are on the Master List.
  2. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
  3. Go to New Message. 
  4. Scroll down to the Legacy Filter Settings.
  5. Select New Filter BETA tab.      
  6. Click the Create Segment button.



In order to start building a rule, select a criteria from the drop-down. The criteria determines the goal of the segment and can be a Marketing Status, Contact Attribute, Message Activity, or Purchase History. 

  • TIP: If applicable, access Advanced Segmentation Package (ASP) data, like Browse Activity, Last Site Visit, using Profile Fields criteria. 

The available criteria are:

  • Email Subscribe Date 
  • Email Address 
  • Profile Fields
  • Last Email Send Date 
  • Last Email Open Date
  • Last Email Read Date 
  • Last Email Click Date
  • Purchase Activity
  • Last Purchase Date
  • First Purchase Date
  • Number of Purchases

After selecting a criteria, choose the appropriate Operators to further refine the list segment that will receive the email message. There are similar Operators for all date related criteria: 


  • Relative: Is More Than, Is Exactly, Is Less Than, Is Between, Is Not Between 
  • Absolute: Is After Is On Is Before, Is Between, Is Not Between
  • State: Is Unknown, Has Any Value   


  • Single: Is, Is Not, Is Greater Than, Is Greater Than or Equal To, Is Less Than, Is Less Than or Equal to 
  • Range: Is Between, Is Not Between


  • Activity: Contact Has Purchased, Contact Has Not Purchased 


  • Value: Is, Is Not, Starts With, Ends With, Contains, Does Not Contain, Is in the Comma Delimited List, Is Not in the Comma Delimited List
  • State: Is Unknown, Has Any Value 


There are Operators for Purchase History and Email Activity that require Email List selection and Merchant selection:

  • Email List: Choose to use information from the current list, or information that is an aggregate of all lists. 
  • Merchant: Select the appropriate Merchant, this automatically populates if you have the Merchant selected as Default in Manage < List < List Settings 


In order to create a segment for an email message, use a Rule or build Rules upon each other using AND in between Rules. To build an OR into a segment, add a Group, and continue building Rules. 

  • TIP: Use the x to clear a rule, or use the Clear button at the top to Clear the entire segment. 


At any time click the Update Count button to get an instant recount of the amount of contacts the segment contains. 

When the segment build is complete, click Apply, and view the segment summary and contact count. To make additional changes, click the Edit button. When complete continue authoring the email message on the authoring page.

Interested in learning more about Segment Filter 2.0 Beta? Check back for our video coming soon!

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