A Welcome Series workflow can introduce a new subscriber to your brand after they sign up. Workflow allows you to send a single message or multi-message series and change a subscriber's path through the Welcome Series based on their action.

In the example workflow below, new subscribers to the list will receive a Welcome Series that includes a coupon, and subscribers who have previously been on the list will receive a second version with no coupon.


Accessing Workflow

1. Navigate to the channel picker by clicking on the Listrak logo
2. Select Workflow 

Create a New List Subscription Workflow 

3. Click the New Workflow button
4. Select the List Subscription event

Select Entry Criteria

5. Click on the list subscription event in the workflow builder and select the list new subscribers are added to
TIP: Learn more about configuring a one-time or recurring bulk import to enter contacts into workflow.
6. Set the re-entry frequency to No Limit
Campaign Idea: In a welcome series, select no limit and use a Marketing Status Split to send a different message to those who have unsubscribed and resubscribed.

7. Give your workflow a name

Set Up a Subscription Split

8. In the elements tab, drag a Subscription Split on to the canvas between the Subscription event and Exit event.
9. In the properties tab, select Email Re-subscriber from the Condition drop-down.

10. Select the list.

💡 Click here to learn more on how to apply multiple conditions to a decision split.

Set Up Coupons and Messaging

11. In the elements tab, drag a Coupon action on to the No path
12. Click the Coupon to edit the properties
13. Select a merchant
14. Select a coupon
15. Give the coupon code a name for the tag
TIP: Use a name that makes the coupon easily identifiable
16. Check the checkbox to add a tag for an expiration tag, if applicable 

TIP: Learn more about setting up coupons in Workflow here.
17. In the elements tag, drag an Email element from the channel drop-down into each split

Adding Coupons to a Workflow Message

18. Copy the tags in the elements panel for use in the messages
19. Click on the email element in the No path
20. Give the step a name
21. Select a list
22. Click Create Message and create the message in the Listrak Message                   Authoring screen
23. Paste the coupon tag and expiration into the message creative

Adding Additional Messaging 

24. Repeat step 10-22  for the Yes path message
25. Drag a Wait from the elements tab to the canvas
26. In the Wait properties, set the desired static wait time.
27. Repeat the steps in the Set Up Coupons and Messages to add additional messages based on your individual welcome strategy 

Activating the Workflow

28. Click the Activate button to allow contacts to start receiving the Welcome Series
NOTE: Contacts will immediately become eligible to receive the Welcome Series. Test all messages prior to activating the campaign for accuracy. 

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