DojoMojo allows you to easily run a Sweepstakes campaign - whether it's run solely by you, or partnered with another brand that's similar to yours. 

When you're using a third-party provider to run a sweepstakes, it can be challenging to keep information up-to-date between your different applications. With Listrak's integration with Zapier, seamlessly automate sweepstakes information from DojoMojo or other third-parties to Listrak, where you can follow-up with your customers to keep them engaged with your sweepstakes and other brand messaging.

STEP 1: Create a DojoMojo Account

Set up a DojoMojo if you don't already have one. Complete your profile and learn more about how to configure a sweepstakes campaign with a brand that's similar to yours with partnership marketing. Once a sweepstakes is running, this information is streamlined to Listrak using the following steps.

STEP 2: Create Listrak Assets

To send emails automatically in Listrak you may need to create the following assets:

  1. A profile field

  2. An external event

  3. A Conductor Conversation

* If you are incorporating DojoMojo into an existing Listrak campaign it may not be necessary to create a new external event or Conversation.

A profile field is required to send a targeted email to DojoMojo contacts because it serves as an identifier that this group of contacts are coming from your sweekstakes. This field can then be used to filter on when authoring a new message. When setting up the segmentation field, be sure to set the data type to checkbox.

You also have the ability to send a series of emails using Listrak Conductor to contacts identified in Answerbase. To do so, you will need to set up an external event to act as a bridge between the data coming from Answerbase and your Conductor conversation. For example, when a customer is browsing content, send their contact information to Listrak, where you can add them to your automated marketing messages, or an email drip campaign personalized to each individual customer.

After you've set up the above, continue to step 3 to integrate with DojoMojo and connect the external event and segmentation fields.

STEP 3: Integrate DojoMojo with Zapier

The next step is to connect DojoMojo with Zapier and Listrak. 

  1. In DojoMojo, navigate to your account logo in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Click Manage Brand.

  3. Click ESP Integrations in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  4. Select Zapier.

  5. Follow the first step on the popup to accept DojoMojo's integration with Zapier.

  6. After you've clicked the link in step one on the popup, log into Zapier to begin the integration.

  7. Select New Entry Batch.

  8. Click Save + Continue.

  9. Click Connect an Account.

    💡 Please authenticate your DojoMojo account at this time.

  10. Enter your DojoMojo credentials.

  11. Click Yes, Continue.

  12. Select your DojoMojo Account and click Test.

  13. Click Save + Continue.

  14. At the sample step, please copy the Webhook provided from Zapier.

  15. Navigate back to the popup in DojoMojo.

  16. Paste the Webhook URL from Zapier into DojoMojo.

  17. Click Next on the popup in DojoMojo.

  18. Set up the applicable merge tags. This is information that is exported from DojoMojo through Zapier into Listrak.

  19. Click Activate. After clicking Activate, the below message will show.

  20. Navigate back to Zapier.

  21. Select a piece of sample information to set up the Zap.

  22. Click Continue.

  23. Next, set up an action step by clicking Add a Step on the left-hand side of the screen.

    1. Then, click Action/Search.

    2. Search and select Listrak.

    3. Click Continue.

    4. Select Add/Update Subscriber.

    5. Click Save + Continue.

  24. Select and authenticate your Listrak Account with Zapier.

    💡 If you haven't previously set this up, please authenticate your Listrak Account at this time.

  25. Click Save + Continue.

  26. Configure the Zap Settings.

    ⚠️ Email Address, List, and Override Unsubscribe options are required.

  27. If you're setting up these contacts to receive an automatically triggered message from Listrak, please select the external event here. This should be the external event created in step 2. For this example, ours is a Sweepstakes external event, directing to our Welcome Series.

  28. Configure the segmentation field group and segmentation field for your contacts. These align with the segmentation fields that you have previously created in Listrak.

    💡 You can only add segmentation data to one segment group at a time. To add segmentation data to multiple groups, repeat the above steps to add a second action step.

  29. Click Continue.

  30. Next, test the Zap. This triggers the sample data, which is sent to your list and Listrak Conductor Conversation, if applicable.

  31. Click Send Test To Listrak.

    💡 You will receive a message if the test was successfully sent.

  32. Click Finish.

  33. Be sure your Zap is turned on and your Listrak Conductor Conversation is live and published, if applicable.

  34. Confirm the integration was successful by navigating to the ESP Integrations section as instructed in step 3. A green check mark should appear on the Zapier tile.

Congrats, you've successfully integrated DojoMojo with Listrak using Zapier!

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