Frequency caps determine the maximum number of emails that are sent to a contact over a specified time frame. 

Determine a cadence that is appropriate to your brand and relevant for your contacts. Configure a message send frequency for the number of messages delivered over day/week(s).

Configuring Your Frequency Cap

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Settings Frequency Cap Rules.

  2. Click New Rule.

  3. Enter a Rule Name

    💡 To differentiate across domains, consider uniquely naming the rule to match the configured domain. Organizing rules this way prevents delivery across domains from impacting frequency of messages sent to contacts subscribed to multiple domains.

  4. Select your list(s).

    ⚠️ Multiple lists may be selected, however a list can only be assigned to one rule.

  5. Enter a maximum number of messages.

  6. Select a time frame (day/week).

    💡 30 days is calculated as one month and is the maximum day configuration. When selecting week, please select Sunday or Monday to align with your marketing calendar.

  7. Click Save.

Overriding a Frequency Cap

Overriding the frequency cap when authoring a message allows you to prioritize your messages. For example, you may prefer your first Shopping Cart Abandonment message to always be sent, whereas the second SCA message may be okay to be enforced by the cap. Ensure the first SCA message is delivered to your contacts by overriding at the message-level. 

The instructions below assume you are editing a previously saved message. You can also adjust these settings when creating a brand new message.

  1. In the list menu, select the List your email is saved on, such as Master List.

  2. Navigate to Messages > Email View Saved Email.

  3. Find the specific email.

  4. Navigate to the Advanced Message Settings.

  5. Check the box to Override frequency cap.

  6. Click Save.


  • Conversation messages are counted toward the frequency cap limit.

  • Frequency cap rules do not apply to transactional, split test, and system-based messages.

  • Rules are configured at the account level and enforced at the list level.

  • Frequency cap rules may be paused at any time by editing the rule. 

  • Override the frequency cap setting when authoring a message to ensure an email is sent to your entire audience, regardless of the number of messages they've received previously.

  • You must have Admin-level access to configure frequency cap rules. Learn more about Listrak's permissions here.

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