After you've set up your Meta Ad Account and connected it to Listrak Exchange, you can begin syncing audiences that were built within Listrak and Listrak CRM out to your connected social networks in near real-time.

Before getting started, be sure to have accepted Meta's Terms of Service for custom audiences. These terms must be accepted from within your Meta Ad Account by the Admin user. If you have not accepted these terms, current audiences will no longer sync and you cannot sync new audiences.

⚠️You must reaccept Meta's Terms of Service every 90 days within your Meta Ad Account.

Creating an Audience

Any Saved or Listrak CRM audience can be synced from Listrak to Meta (Facebook or Instagram) or Google AdWords. Learn more about creating audiences using these methods in the articles below.

Syncing Audiences

Once an audience is created, you can begin the process of syncing.

  1. Navigate from Solutions > Exchange.

  2. Then click on Manage Audiences on the card for the location you want to sync to (Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords).

  3. Click Connect Audience in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Select an Audience Type.

    1. Subscribers: Use an existing Listrak Saved Audience to reach current subscribers who meet the selected criteria on Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords.

    2. CRM Audiences: Use an existing Listrak CRM audience to reach contacts who fit the selected criteria. Contacts can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords.

      ⚠️ You must acknowledge Facebook's terms and policies before continuing. Checking this checkbox, this is not the same as accepting Meta's Terms of Service every 90 days. This must be done outside of Listrak and completed in Meta.

    3. Lookalike Audience: Target a larger group of people on Facebook or Instagram who exhibit similar traits to a Subscriber or CRM audience you have previously synced.

  5. Select your audience(s) from the drop-down menu. This is a multi-select where you can select multiple at one time.

If you didn't previously accept Meta's Terms of Service, the audiences will be unable to connect. Please accept the Terms of Service and try to sync the audiences again.

Custom Audience Dashboard

After you've completed the process, the audience will will appear on the dashboard. This at-a-glace view provides the name of the audience, type, match percentage, size, last sync date, and status.

  • Name: The name of the Saved or CRM audience

  • Type: Determines if a Subscriber or CRM audience is synced

  • Match Percentage: The percentage of contacts that Meta or Google was able to identify on their platform that match your contacts.

  • Size: The number of matched contacts

  • Status: Ready audiences are actively syncing. Faulted audiences have stopped syncing.

    • You may need to re-accept the terms and conditions to re-process the sync.

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