Your Facebook page is your brand's public-facing page – this is what users "Like" and share comments on. Leads that you acquire via Meta Lead Ads are also stored on the page level within Facebook.

Once you have confirmed your Meta Business Suite settings, you're ready to initiate the sync in Listrak.

Automate Syncing Your Lead Ad Subscribers from Facebook to Listrak

You can sync your Meta Lead Ad subscribers in real-time with Listrak's Lead Ad Automation integration. Meta Lead Ad Forms and Lead Ad subscribers are stored on your business' Facebook Page– you must connect Listrak Exchange to your Facebook Business Page.

⚠️ You must be listed as an Admin on that Facebook Page. Click here for more information about adding users as a Facebook Page Admin. If you continue to have issues, please use this guide to confirm your page admin settings.

Connecting to this page allows you to begin automating sending information between Listrak and Facebook that is captured by these ads.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Listrak Exchange.

  2. On the landing page, select Get Started on the Lead Ad Automation card.

  3. Click Connect to Facebook Page.

  4. Click Log In on the popup.

  5. A pop-up launches. Enter your email address and password.

    💡 These credentials are used to log in to Facebook. You must be an Admin on your business's Facebook page to connect.

  6. Select a Page to connect. All pages from your Business Manager will appear here.

  7. Select a Lead Form from the drop-down menu, then select a Subscription Point. Learn more about lead forms and subscription points here.

  8. Click Save.

Now, new contacts who were acquired via your Meta Lead Ads will be synced to Listrak. These new contacts can be nurtured in a Welcome Series built in Listrak Conductor or Journey Hub.

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