Getting Started

In this guide you will learn more about the process of setting up Listrak Exchange and answer some common questions. Listrak Exchange allows you to connect to Facebook and Instagram or Google AdWords to automatically sync data between these platforms and Listrak.

This synced data can be used to power Meta Lead Ads to collect new subscribers, Facebook and Instagram Connected Ads to target existing subscribers, and create Lookalike Audiences to find users on these platforms who are similar to your existing contacts.

To set up Exchange, you will need to take a few steps:

💡 If you are not using the AdWords or Meta accounts you may skip these steps.

  1. Set Up or Authorize Your Meta Business Suite to connect with Listrak Exchange

  2. Ensure your users have the correct permissions in Meta Business Suite

  3. Set Up or Authorize your Google AdWords to a connect to with Listrak Exchange

  4. Ensure you have the correct permissions in Google AdWords

  5. Connect your Facebook Business Page to power Lead Ads

  6. Connect Your Facebook Ad Account to power Connected Audiences

  7. Connect your Google AdWords Account to power Google Match Audiences

Using This Guide

In this article you will learn about the importance of a Meta Business Suite account. You will also learn how to initially connect your Facebook and Google AdWords account to Listrak.

Why Do I Need a Meta Business Suite Account?

A Meta Business Suite Account is a free account that is used to manage all of your company's Meta assets. The Meta Business Suite is used to claim and manage your company's Ad Accounts and Business Pages. You can also manage the permissions of who has access to these assets.

If your company has multiple ad accounts or pages for multiple domains, they can all be claimed and managed from a single Meta Business Suite Account.

You can sync your Listrak audiences to your Facebook Ad Account by using Listrak's Connected Audiences integration and Facebook Business. To connect this integration to your Facebook Ad Account, you must be an Admin on the Meta Business Suite that owns your company's ad account. This is typically the person who created your Meta Business Suite and claimed your ad account. You must also be an Admin on the ad account that you are attempting to connect.

This guide is intended to help you define who at your company has the necessary permissions to establish these connections. Once a connection is established, it will persist and all Listrak users at your company are able to manage and sync audiences with Listrak Exchange.

💡 The credentials used to authenticate with Facebook and Google are never stored by Listrak.

Accessing Facebook Business Manager for Authorization

One of the first steps to setting up Listrak Exchange is to connect to your social ad platforms (Meta Ads Manager or Google AdWords). This one-time authentication enables you to connect Listrak Exchange to your ad platforms. Once this connection is established, you're able to automatically sync audiences and subscribers between Listrak and your ad platforms.

Before you can begin, you must first navigate to Meta Business Suite. This is a separate interface than your regular Facebook login, even if you have managed pages under your login in the past.

  1. Click here to navigate to Meta Business Suite.

  2. Log in or create a Meta Business Suite account.

    ⚠️ When creating a new Meta Business Suite, be sure to claim your brand's account(s) and page(s).

  3. Navigate to your Listrak account to Solutions > Listrak Exchange to authorize.

If an agency created your Meta Business Suite, you have two options:

  1. Have the Meta Business Suite Admin at the agency you're working with add you as an Admin on that Meta Business Suite account. Next, log into Listrak and complete the Listrak Exchange authentication.

  2. Add your agency's Admin as a user on your Listrak account and guide them through the one-time authentication.

Once you have appropriate permissions for authentication, click here to set up the connection within Listrak for your Lead Ads or here to set up the connection to your Ads page.

Please contact Listrak Support if you have any questions.

Accessing Google AdWords for Authentication

Like Facebook. you must be an admin on your Google AdWords Account in order to authenticate and begin syncing information.

Click here for more information about becoming an Admin on your Google AdWords Account

If an agency manages your Google AdWords Account, they will need to grant you Admin access to that account or they will need to log into Listrak and complete the one-time connection themselves.

Once you have appropriate permissions for authentication, click here to set up the connection within Listrak.

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Listrak Exchange Lead Ads Playbook

For additional strategy to on Listrak Exchange and how to create effective social media campaigns, please download the Listrak Exchange Lead Ads Playbook here.


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