The beginning of this article walks through the step-by-step process required for a full-service Listrak-led integration.

Proactively prompt customers to repurchase products using predictive behavioral analytics. The Replenishment solution enables you to further monetize existing customers, increase lifetime value, enforce brand loyalty and decrease cost of sale.
Currently, replenishment must be integrated by Listrak, and not as a self-service solution. There are a few steps to setting up a replenishment with Listrak. 


Listrak validates order data for compatibility with the solution. If necessary, we’ll recommend adjustments to the product data.


First, Listrak provides you with an Excel file list of all the SKUs that have been collected along with calculated cadences for those SKUs. You must either approve the list and cadences or provide Listrak with an updated list of SKUs and/or cadences to be used in the program. 

Below are a list of columns and descriptions that will appear in the Excel file you will receive from your Listrak contact to determine which products should be included in your replenishment program and their cadences.

  • NOTE: The productMean and overrideMean columns are calculated in days. If a value in the productMean column is indicated as “0” or “NULL,” there was likely not enough data to establish a proper cadence.


After you've provided Listrak with the appropriate cadences, Listrak will finish your solution and coordinate with you and your Project Manager to launch your solution.

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