Pixlee TurnTo

Pixlee TurnTo is a user-generated content marketing platform that allows brands to leverage happy customers to grow their business. The Pixlee TurnTo platform curates customer-generated content in real-time, manages permission rights, and easily integrates the content directly into multi-channel browsing and shopping experiences.

Installation is fast and easy. Begin your five minute intuitive integration with Listrak's Marketplace, accessible in the Listrak Application under Integrations > Integrations Management.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Management page.

  2. Click New Integration.

  3. Select the Pixlee card.

  4. In the Setup tab,

    1. Select a Merchant.

    2. Click Save to generate your Client ID and Secret.

    3. Save these for future use.

  5. In a separate window, log in to your Pixlee account and navigate to the settings page in the Control Panel and click on Integrations.

  6. Click New Integration.

    1. Choose Listrak from the dropdown.

    2. Add your previously saved Client ID and Secret.

    3. Click Add.

Your integration is now complete.

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