This article outlines the steps of a full-service Listrak-led integration of Listrak's Popup Pro solution.

Popup Pro is a simple, yet highly effective way to acquire new subscribers. Popups are customized to reflect your brand and work with your site. 

Listrak Configures the Popup

Listrak configures your popup in your Listrak Account using best practices and based on design and feedback from you. These settings can include the type of popup, what page the popup appears (or does not) appear on, and how often the popup should reappear is a contact does not sign up.

Test the Popup

After the popup is set up, the next step is to test the popup. Listrak will notify you with the go-ahead to begin testing. Follow the below instructions to test your popup and provide feedback to Listrak. 

Your Listrak project team may provide testing query strings that will only display the popup if those strings are included. This provides your team with an opportunity to test before the popup is visible to your customers.

Launching the Popup

After you've tested the popup and provide your feedback to Listrak, please coordinate with your Project Manager to launch this solution. After the popup is launched, contacts who visit your website will be able to sign up on the popup form and be added to your marketing subscriber list.

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