Previously you learned how to build a tile using the contacts explore and how to create an audience. The Audience History Explore allows you to create a visualization that tracks the performance of the contacts in the audience you created. 

This allows you to see a graphical depiction of how this audience behaves over time. For example, you can view the revenue generated by your VIP audience over a specific time frame. 

Follow the steps below to create an audience history tile:

1. Navigate to a dashboard.
2. Click Edit.
3. Add a New Tile.
4. Navigate to the Audience History Explore.

5. Navigate to the filter section.
6. Select a timeframe to review the history of the audience. 

NOTE: The last 30 days time frame filter is included by default. A filter is required for all audience history tiles. 

7. Navigate to the Audience Name dimension.
8. Click the filter button

9. Enter a Name for the audience who's information you would like to track.

NOTE: You can include multiple audiences in a filter to compare the behavior of multiple groups.

10. Navigate to the Was Member (Yes/No) dimension.
11. Click the Filter button to add the Yes audience filter. 

NOTE: If the Was Member (Yes/No) filter is not used you will be viewing information about all contacts.

12. Next, add applicable dimensions and measures to your data based on your goals. 

13. Add any additional filters, if applicable.
14. Select a visualization

15. Click Run

12. Click Save. 

Congratulations! You have just created a tile using the Audience History explore for your custom Listrak CRM audience! You can use this process to view trends for audiences such as VIPs, Contacts with specific information in their profile, or recent purchasers, or any other audiences you create.

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