Previously we covered how to build a tile using the contacts explore and how to create an audience. The Audience History Explore allows you to create a visualization based on the CRM audiences you created. 

This allows you to see a graphical depiction of how this audience behaves over time. For example, you can view the revenue generated by your VIP audience over a specific time frame. 

Follow the below steps to create an audience history tile.

1. Navigate to a dashboard.
2. Click Edit.
3. Add a New Tile.
4. Navigate to the Audience History Explore.

5. Navigate to the filter section.
6. Select a timeframe to review the history of the audience. 

NOTE: The last 30 days time frame filter is included by default. A filter is required for all audience history tiles. 

7. Navigate to the Audience Name dimension.
8. Click the filter button

9. Enter a Name for the audience.

10. Navigate to the Was Member (Yes/No) dimension.
11. Click the Filter button

12. Next, add applicable dimensions and measures to your data. 

13. Add any additional filters, if applicable.
14. Select a visualization

15. Click Run

12. Click Save. 

Congratulations! You have just created a tile using the Audience History explore for your custom Listrak CRM audience! 

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