In addition to creating tiles to gain insight into how a customer may interact with email, you can also create Listrak CRM tiles to identify the strength of a relationship a customer has with specific purchase motivators. Predictive Affinity allows you to measure the strength of this relationship and gain insights about those customers.

Predictive Affinity tiles can be used to gain insights such as: 

  • Identifying customers who have a strong relationship with a certain brand.

  • Identifying the number of customers who have some relationship with a certain product category.

Predictive affinity metrics can be layered with any of the other CRM dimensions and measures to create insights specific to your brand and goal. Learn more about predictive affinity, or review additional dimensions and measures that can be used in CRM tiles.

Follow the below steps to create a predictive affinity tile.

  1. Navigate to a dashboard.

  2. Edit your dashboard.

  3. Create a New Tile

  4. Select the Contacts Explore.

  5. Add your filters from the Predictive Affinity bucket. 

    💡 Use For to narrow down by type of affinity or Type to specify Brand, Category, or Subcategory.

  6. Add your dimensions and measures.

  7. Select a visualization.

  8. Click Run.

  9. Edit your visualization, if applicable. 

  10. Click Save

Congratulations you have created a tile using Predictive Affinity models in CRM! Now that you've created your tile, you can create custom CRM audiences or explore the data further to gain additional insights. 

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