Recurring Automated Campaigns are a great way to build out your marketing calendar. Begin by adding Product Recommendations or Predictive Content to create a shell for the campaign. Then, unique content is determined for each individual at the time of send based on a contact's activity on your site. 

  • Send your customer's recommended products in their preferred category 

  • Feature your newest blog content 

Once you have created your message follow the steps below to filter and schedule a recurring message. 

Filtering in Your Messages 

  1. Navigate to message in Messages > Email View Saved Email.

  2. Navigate to the segmentation filter settings section.

  3. Click Edit Filter.

  4. Click Audiences.

  5. Then select your CRM Audience. You can select if the contacts you are targeting should be a member of your CRM audience, or if they should not so that you can exclude the CRM audience members.

  6. Select Update and then Apply Filters to apply your filter to the message.

Scheduling Your Messages

  1. Navigate to the when to send section.

  2. Select weekly or monthly.

  3. Select the desired recurring schedule.

  4. Select a begin and end date, if applicable.

  5. Select a default time zone

Once you have added your filters and delivery options you can schedule your message and begin sending your Recurring Automated Campaign!

Learn about other ways to use your CRM Audience: 

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