Listrak CRM Audiences allow you to act on insights you gained from a CRM visualization. In the previous articles you learned how to use it as a filter in your marketing campaign, in dynamic content, and in a Recurring Automated Campaign. In addition, you can also filter on an audience for your triggered campaigns.

Audiences are automatically updated as contacts take new actions that make them eligible/ineligible for an audience. This allows Listrak to create two types of triggers based on a CRM Audience:

  • Trigger when a contact enters an audience 

  • Trigger when a contact leaves an audience 

Triggering a campaign based on this behavior allows you to target your contacts when they first meet the criteria, or if their behavior means they no longer meet the criteria. For example, a customer must make three purchases in 60 days to become a VIP. This criteria can then be used to welcome them to the program and provide a special incentive. You could also message customers when they are no longer considered a VIP to entice them to make a purchase and achieve this status.

Building an Automated Campaign Trigger

Target your CRM audience automatically by following the below steps.

💡 Before you begin, ensure you are on the list you would like to build your conversation on to message the contacts subscribed to the specific list.

  1. Navigate to Automation > Conductor Conversations.

  2. Create a New Conversation.

  3. Enter a Name.

  4. Click Create Conversation.

  5. Click the trigger step.

  6. Click the Audience tab.

  7. Locate the audience you created.

  8. Click the plus sign

  9. Click Update.

Next, add a message step and create a message to build out your campaign for contacts to receive when they enter or exit the audience.

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