After an audience is created in CRM, you can use it as part of your filtering and segmentation strategy when sending marketing messages.

CRM Audiences are available in many places across the Listrak Platform, such as:

  • When viewing all contacts

  • Automated Split Testing 

  • Message Level Filtering 

  • Dynamic Content

  • Conductor Conversations 

CRM Audiences allow you to turn the insights gained through your visualizations into actionable campaigns.

  • Send personalized messages to your VIPs

  • Target customers who are most likely to purchase 

  •  Send tailored messages to your high volume purchasers 

  • Send targeted messages to those likely to purchase specific categories of items

  • Message repeat purchasers differently than one-time purchasers 

Adding a Filter

After an audience has been created, apply it to a filter by following the steps below.  

💡 Add a filter anywhere in the application by clicking the Edit Filter button.

  1. Navigate to the area of the platform where you will apply the filter.

  2. Click Edit Filter.

  3. Select Audiences from the drop-down menu.

  4. Then select your CRM Audience from the second drop-down menu.

  5. Select if a contact must be a member of the audience or not

  6. Click Update.

  7. Then select Apply Filter.

Congratulations! You have applied your saved CRM Audience as a filter in your marketing campaigns. 

Learn about other ways to use your CRM Audience:

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