Listrak Exchange enables you to automatically sync new Meta Lead Ad subscribers from Facebook to Listrak in near real-time. This means you can re-engage new subscribers with timely and relevant triggered messages as soon as they subscribe.

When creating a new Meta Lead Ad and connecting it to Listrak Exchange, take a few minutes to test the connection to ensure new subscribers are being captured and added to a list.

The following steps can be taken prior to publishing your Meta Lead Ad.

1. Connect Your Lead Ad Form
While configuring your Meta Lead Ads, confirm the Lead Ad form you're using in the ad is also connected via Listrak Exchange. Your Lead Ad form must be connected before generating any test submissions. The following steps must be completed to connect via Listrak Exchange.

2. Test Your Lead Ad Form
After connecting your Lead Ad form in Listrak Exchange, you are able to preview your ad in Meta Ad Manager. You can submit a test submission while in preview mode.

Alternately, you may use Meta's Lead Ad Testing Tool to preview your Lead Ad form and submit a test submission.

Click "Track Status" until you receive a success or failure response. After receiving a 200 success response, confirm your test lead was captured on your Lead Ads dashboard within Listrak Exchange. This lead should take no more than a few minutes to be synced from Meta to Listrak.

Another way to confirm a contact has been subscribed is to navigate to the list set up in your subscription point. Then select, Contacts > View Subscribed Contacts in the navigation. The subscribed email address should appear in the list.

3. Check Listrak Exchange's Access
If your Leads Access page reflects the screenshot seen below, no further action is required. If it does not, please continue to the below steps. 

⚠️ A Business Manager Admin must perform these steps. Business Manager Analysts do not have the required rights to access the following pages.

  1. In the Meta Business Manager Settings Settings, please navigate to Integrations > Leads Access.

  2. Select the page that you're setting up Meta Lead Ads with.

  3. Click Restore Default Access. This restores admin access to all people, partners, and CRMs that are connected with this Facebook page.

If you've completed these steps and do not see your test submissions captured in Listrak Exchange, please reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support for additional troubleshooting.

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