Listrak Exchange allows you to effortlessly sync data and subscriber information from Facebook to Listrak. Using the Lead Ad functionality, you can automate the process of adding new subscribers to your Listrak Account. Once you add these subscribers, you may want to nurture these relationships by sending a Welcome Series.

Below is an overview of the process Listrak would recommend when acquiring these subscribers. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss strategy suggestions for your ads and Welcome Series.

1. Connecting Listrak Exchange to Your Facebook Business Page

Using Listrak Exchange, you can automatically sync Facebook Lead Ad subscribers from Facebook to Listrak in real-time when they subscribe. The first step in setting up this automation is to connect Listrak Exchange to your brand's Facebook Business Page.
Click here to learn more about connecting your Facebook business page.

2. Building Your Facebook Lead Ad Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

Your Facebook Lead Ad Campaign is created and managed within the Facebook Ads Manager. When creating your campaign, you'll also create the Lead Ad form that is used to collect the subscriber information directly within the Facebook news feed. You must create a Facebook Lead Ad Form before it can be connected to a Listrak Subscription Point in Listrak Exchange.

Click here to learn more about Facebook Lead Ads and Lead Ad Forms.

3. Creating Listrak Subscription Points

Listrak Subscription Points are used to add new subscribers to your list. Facebook Lead Ad subscribers can be added to the list of your choice and receive an email Welcome Series that can be enhanced through Listrak solutions, such as Product Recommendations.

Listrak Exchange allows you to select a Listrak Subscription Point and connect it to a Facebook Lead Ad form. This allows the information to be passed back to Listrak, including their email address, and optionally track things such as acquisition source.

Click here to learn more about establishing this connection.

4. Testing Your Facebook Lead Ad Workflow

Now that you’ve completed the Ad setup, you can test your Facebook Lead Ad workflow. Facebook offers a Lead Ad testing tool that allows you to submit test leads using your newly created Facebook Lead Ad form. After submitting your test lead, confirm that the subscriber was added to your Listrak list.

Click here to learn more about using the Facebook Lead Ad tester.

5. Creating a Welcome Series for Lead Ad Subscribers

Using Listrak Exchange, we recommend re-engaging new Facebook Lead Ad subscribers with an email Welcome Series. The email Welcome Series is used to provide the new subscriber with an offer or coupon code as well as introduce them to popular products from your catalog.
Click here to learn more about creating a Welcome Series.

6. Publishing Your Facebook Lead Ad Campaign

Click here to learn more about publishing your Facebook Lead Ad campaign.

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