A Listrak Subscription Point will automatically add new subscribers to your chosen list, check an acquisition source field ('Facebook Lead Ad'), and trigger an event that can be used to send an email Welcome Series. By connecting this subscription point to your Lead Ad Form, you engage new subscribers in real-time. Follow the below steps to connect your subscription points.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Exchange.
3. Then Manage Forms. If you haven't connected your Facebook Page to Listrak Exchange, click Get Started.
4. Choose an existing Facebook Facebook Lead Ad Form or click Create New to create a New Lead Ad Form in your Facebook Ads Manager.

NOTE: If you're creating a new Lead Ad Form, be sure to use this new form when building your Lead Ad campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager.

5. Next, select or create a Listrak subscription point. If you're running Lead Ads for the first time, we suggest creating a new subscription point.

6. Enter a subscription point name.
7. Select a list to which new subscribers should be added.

8. Select or create a external event.

9. Click Continue.
10. Select a segmentation field to track the acquisition source. 

NOTE: This is most commonly 'Source\FacebookLeadAd'. You may create this field if it doesn't exist. 

If you're collecting any additional fields in your Facebook Lead Ad form, you will be directed to map those to segmentation fields. 

11. Click Complete.

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