Listrak now allows you to visualize how many subscribers you're acquiring from Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads. Access the Lead Ad Acquisition Reporting tool by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Exchange.

  2. Then select the Lead Ad Automation card and click Manage Forms.

  3. You will arrive on the Lead Ad Dashboard.

There are two drop-down menus located on the top of the page. The page you are on will appear in the menu. You can use this function to navigate quickly between the Lead Ads Dashboard and the Custom Audiences Dashboard. If you have multiple domains associated with your Listrak account, there will be a drop-down menu following the navigation drop-down, which allows you to select which account you'd like to be working on. 

Meta Lead Ads

The Lead Ad Acquisitions graph is broken down into two color categories: all subscribers and new subscribers.

  • All Subscribers: The total number of subscribers acquired from Lead Ads.

  • New Subscribers: The number of new subscribers acquired via Lead Ads who were not previously subscribed to your list.

💡 By syncing and excluding your master list, you can reduce the number of recaptures from Meta Lead Ads to 10% or less.

Lead Ad Form to Subscription Point Mapping

Beneath the graph, there is a Lead Ad Form to Subscription Point Mapping. This displays the Meta Lead Ad Form and the Listrak Subscription Point that is used to add new subscribers. From this mapping, you can also:

  • Show Subscribers: A version of the above graph will expand on the mappings bar.

  • Configure: Connect to a Meta Lead Ad Form and Subscription Point. This is the same dialogue box that appears during the initial configuration.

  • Disconnect: Disconnect your Meta Account from Exchange. 

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