Listrak and Persado Pro Email

Listrak Integration

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Integrations Management.

  2. Click New Integration.

  3. Select the Persado card.

  4. In the Setup tab:

    1. Give your integration a Name.

    2. Generate your Client ID and Secret.

    3. Save these credentials for future use.

    💡 If you already have an integration set up, click here to learn how to locate your Client Secret and ID.

Persado Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Go to ESP Connection > Add Connection.

  3. In the ESP dropdown, select Listrak.

  4. Enter a Connection Name.

  5. Paste your Client ID and Secret generated in Listrak.

  6. Click Add.

Creating an Experiment in Persado Pro Email

  1. Click Create New Experiment.

  2. Configure the following:

    1. Experiment Name

    2. Tags: Include tags to indicate similar experiments to help the algorithm improve over-time.

    3. Industry

    4. Brand Name

    5. Send Date

    6. Email Type

    7. Number of Subject Lines: Up to seven subject lines may be added.

      💡 Testing more subject lines increases the probability for better performance.

    8. Email Summary

    9. Category: Also known as tag presets

After the experiment is configured, click Export and Send to my ESP. Please contact Persado support for additional assistance configuring an export.

Creating an Automated Split Test in Listrak

  1. Navigate to Listrak.

  2. Navigate to Messages > Email New Email Split Test.

  3. Enter a Name for the split test.

  4. Select a Campaign Type.

  5. Select Subject Line from the drop-down menu for the Test Criteria.

  6. Select Persado Experiment

  7. Then select a Persado Experiment from the drop-down menu.

  8. Click Apply.

Listrak and Persado Predict

Listrak’s integration with Persado Predict allows you to get an emotional analysis of your content instantly. With this integration, you can avoid manually exporting data and uploading into Predict. Instead, you can automatically import response data for your subject lines through the integration. From there, Predict uses natural language processing and predictive analytics to inform you what emotions are in your subject lines and how they perform. Finally, you can also use Predict to estimate the performance of any subject line against your historical data. Follow the below steps to get started.

Uploading Data into Persado Predict

Add your own data sets to unlock better predictions, deeper emotional insights, and handy charts that help visualize exactly what's driving performance.

  1. Navigate to the Predict Dashboard.

  2. Then Upload Data Set.

  3. Click I want to Import from my ESP.

  4. Select Listrak for the connection.

  5. Then Select a Date Range.

  6. Click Next: Upload.

  7. Enter a Name for the data set. By default, the name of your data set is accompanied with a suffix of import dates.

  8. Select an industry of the data.

  9. Click Upload Data Set.

You have now uploaded your campaign history to Persado!

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