Adding a coupon in Journey Hub is quick and easy. 

 First, make sure your coupon has been created in Listrak. You can utilize static coupon codes, unique coupon codes, or Shopify coupon codes within Journey Hub.

 Once your coupon has been created, follow the steps below: 

  1. Drag the coupon action from the elements panel. 

    💡 The action element should be placed directly before the message in which the coupon appears. 

  2. Click the coupon element to edit the properties.

  3. Select the merchant, if applicable.

  4. Select the coupon from the drop-down.

  5. Next, configure the coupon tag that will be used in the message by giving the coupon a name. A coupon tag is the Listrak system tag that will populate the coupon in a message.

    💡 Give your coupon code a name that can be easily identifiable.

  6. If desired, select the checkbox to enable an Expiration Date tag. The expiration date tag will use the date provided in the uploaded coupon file.

    💡 You can also utilize the date offset system tag in your messages to set an expiration date based on the day the email was sent rather than a set date from the coupon file.

  7. Place the coupon tags in your message creative by copying and pasting the coupon code and expiration date tag into the message creative. Be sure to include the entire tag, including both sets of brackets. 

    💡 Journey Hub coupon tags can be added to both Composer and HTML messages.

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