Use the Keyword Campaign Dashboard to view analytics in relation to opt-ins from your campaigns, along with the active, scheduled, and completed keyword campaigns. Access this dashboard by navigating to Messages > SMS SMS Keyword. 💡 If you have multiple short codes, you will need to select the correct short code from list navigation dropdown menu.

 The data grid represents the following:

  • Name: The name given to the keyword campaign.

  • Keyword: The keyword associated with the campaign.

  • List Name: The list to which the contacts will be subscribed.

  • Start Date: The date the keyword campaign began or is scheduled to begin.

  • End Date: The date that the keyword campaign is going to be completed.

  • Opt-in: The number of opt-ins generated from that keyword campaign.

💡 Opt-ins are unique to a short code, but are also important at the campaign level, as it provides an opportunity to solicit additional information, such as an email address, zip code, and birthday. This provides an indication of the success of your programs under the short code.

  • Active: Campaigns that are currently running and haven't reached their end date.

  • Scheduled: Campaigns that haven't started.

  • Complete: Campaigns that have reached their end date.

Before viewing the data, select a date range from the date drop-down menu. By default, a 30-day window of data will be presented.

After a date range is selected, you will receive analytics on opt-ins generated, the list they are associated with, and how many opt-ins per day.

💡 A opt-in is unique to a short code. If a phone number already exists on your short code, as it was acquired from another campaign, it would not count towards your opt-ins represented on the current campaign dashboard.

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