The Segment Summary Report lists all the segments you've created. This does not include system fields or contact behavior segments which are system generated. You can click through the segments to see how many contacts are in them and who those contacts are. 

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.
  2. Then Segment Summary


Segments are listed by Field Name (e.g. first name) and organized by Field Group (contains multiple field names). The data type column lists what format the data for the segment is listed in. 


Clicking any of the underlined field names takes you to the segment details for that particular segment. In the below segment, we take a closer look at the segment details for the field "first name." This gives us a glance at how many people have filled out this field, what the most popular entries (in this case, first names) are, and how many of each value exist. Click on any contact's email address to view a pop-up page of more in-depth contact details for that person. 

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