The import summary report shows imports via API or file import from the past 30 days. If your import occurred prior to 30 days in the past, the import history would have been purged and is no longer viewable. To locate the report:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.

  2. Then Import Summary.


You can sort and/or filter your report with the below fields. 

  • File Name: The title of the individual import.

  • Source: Whether the import was via API or file. 

  • Type: What action is being taken with the import, e.g. adding, removing, updating contacts and/or segment data. 

  • Segment Type: Whether or not the import should overwrite, update, or append the existing data.

  • Start Time: When the import began.

  • End Time: When the import was complete.

  • Bytes: How large the file is.

  • Processed: Number of records.


You can also drill further into the report by clicking any underlined number in the Processed column. The details page shows you the results of the processed records. Drilling into the underlined numbers from this page gives you a list of the actual email addresses attached to those records.


Below is a list of the results types you'll see and what each of them means.  

  • Processed: how many lines the file contained (includes duplicates).

  • Previously Unsubscribed: contacts that are already unsubscribed; these must be manually resubscribed.

  • Already Subscribed: contacts that are already subscribed; no action is needed.

  • Subscribed: new contacts added to the list that were never previously on the list.

  • Invalid: contacts that contained bad email addresses and were not accepted.

  • Banned: contacts that are currently on the banned list.

  • Suppressed: contacts that are currently on the suppression list.

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