The Email Client report can help you to better design your campaigns. Email clients are programs used to access and manage a user's email. By gathering data on the email clients and devices that your contacts are reading your messages on, you can better design campaigns to consider what capabilities are supported by each email client.

📌 The email client report is helpful in identifying specific groups of contacts, such as your Apple iOS 15 openers, to take action on these specific contacts. Learn more about the benefit of identifying these openers.

To access the report, in the navigation go to Analytics > Contact Analytics Email Client.

Viewing Options

You can view a list of contacts in several ways using email client filters:

  • Email Client ever used by a contact: Counts a contact in each device they have ever used when opening an email

  • Email Client last used by a contact: Counts a contact based on the last device they used when opening an email

  • Email Client preferred by a contact: Counts a contact based on the the most used device in the past three months. If there have been no opens with the last three months, this defaults to the device most used historically.

Data Grid

The contact email clients data grid groups data in three ways: by desktop-based clients, by email based clients, and by tablet based clients.

In this view you can see the number of contacts who opened an email on each email client on desktop, tablet, or mobile. For each of the device types you will also see the total number of contacts who opened on each type.

⚠️ When using the ever used filtering option a contact may be counted in more than one email client or device type.

💡 Need to send an email to contacts that fall into one of these filter groups?

No problem, learn how to add new profile data to a contact's profile that can be used as criteria when building a one-time filter or in a Saved Audience by reading the Adding data to a new field group and new profile field article.

Email Client Details

Clicking on one of the underlined contacts count for a specific device will provide a deeper explanation of the information collected about a contact. In this view, you can see the operating system family, specific operating system used, and last request date. The last request date is the last date and time that a contact's email address opened an email on the specific email client.

Filtering Results

Clicking on the funnel icon at the top of a data column allows you to add a filter to the results. With options such as equals and contains, you can look for a specific operating system or all email addresses containing a specific domain.

Scheduling an Export

You can schedule a one-time or recurring export of the data grid that tracks the number of contacts or the email client details that provide information about each contact. These reports allow you to keep track of contacts and see changes over time.

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