Q1: January - March 2022


  • Dynamic Subject Line Line Break Rendering Issue: Liquid code for Dynamic Subject Lines will now remove line breaks to prevent rendering issues, which allows users to include line breaks to make the code more readable. Note: Removal of line breaks will cause content on separate lines to be placed side-by-side if white space isn’t added.

  • Frequency Capping: Updated the configuration to reflect the accurate number of messages being sent.

  • Multi-Pass: Performance improvements were made to support using MultiPass for sends with a large audience.

  • Performance Summary: Removed the line in the white space between the navigation and the Performance Summary report.

  • Performance Summary Action Buttons: Action buttons are horizontally aligned with the date selection.


  • Journey Messages: Applied a fix to prevent journey messages from being sent multiple times.

  • Multiple Journey Alert Messages: Applied a fix to prevent Journey Alert messages from being sent multiple times.

  • Run Tester in Conversations Error: Applied a fix to prevent an error from being displayed when trying to execute Run Tester in any conversation.

  • SMS Abandonment Journeys: SMS Abandonment Journeys are now respecting entry events and exit events to prevent multiple messages from being sent.


  • SMS INFO Keyword System Messages: Updated to ensure messages are delivered to Canadian short codes in both English and French languages.

  • MMS Billing Issue: MMS sends are now set to the correct carrier so accurate passthrough charges are applied at the time of billing

Web Content

  • Landing Pages: Landing pages were intermittently failing to publish when they contained subscription forms that required a Subscription Point to generate. We’ve updated to ensure publishes are occurring successfully.

  • Landing Page Publishing: Landing pages are no longer stuck in a publishing status and can now be deleted.

  • Phone Number Validation in Landing Pages: SMS subscription forms in landing pages now validate that a phone number has been entered and will automatically format the contact’s phone number entry to ensure it’s properly formatted.

Integrations & Data

  • ARS Fields: Activation date, list name and browse metrics fields are updating as expected.


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