As marketers there are often two main benchmarks used to looking at email performance: message engagement and conversions.

Within the Listrak Platform, you can measure message engagement for your broadcast messages using the Message Activity Report, or email conversion metrics using the Conversion Dashboard. However, you may find that the metrics differ on these two reports. This occurs because the dates used to filter the report utilize two different metrics.

The Message Activity Report

  • This report can be accessed under Analytics > Message Analytics Message Activity

  • The message activity report displays metrics of messages sent during the selected timeframe.

  • For example, a timeframe of Last 90 days, will display metrics for all message sent during the last 90 days.

Conversion Dashboard

  • This dashboard can be viewed under Solutions > Conversion Dashboard

  • The conversion dashboard displays metrics for messages where revenue was generated during the selected timeframe.

  • For example. a timeframe of Last 90 days, will display revenue generated via the email channel in the last 90 days.

  • By default, the attribution revenue for Listrak messages is 30 days last click. If a contact clicks through an email and makes a purchase in the next 30 days, the revenue will be attributed to that message (if they have not clicked through another message).

  • The attribution window can be adjusted and will impact the conversions displayed. For example, if adjusted to a 7 day window, the Conversion Dashboard would show revenue generated in the last 90 days for contacts who last clicked that specified email and made a purchase within 7 days.

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