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  • If the _ltk object does not exist, double-check your script block and verify that the tracking ID is correct. 

  • Open the Network tab and set the filter to ‘listrak’ to check for a successful call and response to the Listrak servers.


If you do not see Update.ashx fire:

  • Verify that the name or ID of the element is correct.

  • Verify that the input element exists when the capture email code fire.


Q: What if I don’t know which encoding to use? 

  • Unless you are using a language with non-traditional characters like Japanese or Arabic, UTF-8 is typically sufficient.

Q: How do I specify a delimiter other than comma, vertical bar, or tab? 

  • If you use a different delimiter, please notify Listrak to ensure your import settings are defined appropriately.

Q: When do I need to use a text qualifier? 

  • Sometimes data within a column can contain the delimiter, such as a comma in a product description. Typically, this is a double quote (“) in comma-separated value (CSV) files.

Q: What are header column definitions? 

  • To make sure we import each column to the right location in our database, you must specify the headers as defined in the file definitions below. If you cannot name the headers, you can work with Listrak to make sure columns are mapped correctly.

Q: When are the specifications for sending timestamps? 

  • To ensure the proper utilization of timestamps, they will need to be formatted in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This will ensure dates are documented correctly in Listrak and will be utilized properly when implementing automated campaigns.

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