Q: Why is the Product Recommender showing an incorrect attribute?

  • This may be an issue with the data that's being sent to Listrak. If you are on a platform such as: Magento, MIVA, BigCommerce, or Shopify merchant, please contact the Listrak Client Success Team to verify the API is working properly. If you are passing us product data files, please make sure what you are passing us is correct. 

Q: Why is our Browse Activity tracking off and not showing the proper recommendations?

  • This is because the SKUs being sent to Listrak and the SKUs being passed in through the Browse Activity on the website do not match. Please contact the Listrak Client Success Team to work through troubleshooting.

Q: How does the What’s New recipe work?

  • The What’s New recipe is based on the “createDate” given to a product in our system. The newness of the products is then organized by the how recent a product has been added using this date. 

Q: Why am I not seeing any recommendations?

  • There could be several reasons for this. The most common is that the backup recipe was never applied to the main recipe. Additionally, some ingredients within the main recipe have their slider at 100% and if the customer has no contact behavior with the website, it will recommend zero products. Please set up a backup recipe that is not too limiting to ensure that products are recommended to your customers.

Q: Why am I seeing the same products each time?

  • The recipe may not be utilizing the products not recently recommended ingredient, so the results remain the same with no site activity. Secondly, there may not be enough products for enough variety in the result set. 

Q: I want to show a specific brand, category, subcategory, or attribute, how do I do that?

  • There are several ingredients available that you can use to achieve this. Specific product attribute and custom ingredient allows you to use meta fields and additional attributes such as style and color in the recipes. For brand, category, or subcategory, there is an ingredient specifically for each of those. 

Q: How do I show sale price in my email recommendations?

  • Navigate to the Merchandise Block Item Designer to add several dynamic elements such as: sale price or product size. However, to include the logic needed to show/hide elements based on their value, please contact the Listrak Client Success Team.

Q: How do I adjust the number of products in a block?

  • You’ll need to create a new block with the number of products you’d like. At the block preview page, select use existing item design. Then select the item design from your desired block. Please be sure to increase the canvas size to incorporate the new item/product.

Q: Why is there a different number of products shown in the output code than what I have created in the merchandise block?

  • It’s most likely that you’ve got two items overlapping. Check the block design page and be sure that all item designs aren’t overlapping and are contained within the canvas area.

Q: Why are all my product titles only one line with “…” instead of two lines as shown in the item designer?

  • Adjust the text box in the item design to ensure all text is being displayed.

Q: Why do all the product images have a white background, even though they have transparent backgrounds on my site?

  • When Listrak collects data, the images are processed using jpg compression, which doesn’t allow transparency. Therefore, the image will now have a white background.

Q: I don’t see the font that we use on our site, can I upload it?

Q: How many items can I show in a merchandise block?

  • You can display up to 25 items.

Q: Why am I seeing old products?

  • The recipes that are set up are limiting results - try adjusting sliders. Additionally, there could be a technical issue either preventing the API from firing correct or the data files aren’t hitting Listrak anymore. If you've identified a technical issue, please contact the Listrak Client Success Team. Lastly, if you're using a small product catalog, please consider using a different recipe strategy. 

Q: How can I show related products?

  • If you're using Magento and have related products designated within the Module, then Listrak automatically pulls those for recipe use. Related Products is a base ingredient we have in our system. If you're not using Magento, you will need to pass a data file to Listrak that includes related products. If you have any questions, please contact the Listrak Client Success Team.

Q: How many meta fields can be used?

  • Up to 5 meta fields of information can be used for Recommendations. 

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