The web content dashboard is where you come to create new email or SMS signup forms, informational web site pages, custom popups or Tap-to-Join popups.

To access the dashboard navigate to Content > Content Web Content.

Page Navigation

  • New Web Content: Click to create a new signup form or informational landing page.

  • Search: Use the name to find a web page on the dashboard.

  • Sort: Use this function to sort columns.

  • Name: The name of the content.

  • Type: Type of content created - Landing Page or Custom Popup.

  • Last Updated: Last date and time (ET) the web content was updated.

  • Status:

    • Draft - web content is still being configured.

    • Active - web content is published.

    • Inactive - web page has been unpublished, users cannot access it.

  • Actions: Click the icon and select an option. These vary based on the status and type of content:



Available Status


Allows you to make changes or reactivate the page or either type of popup.

Draft, Active, Inactive

View Live Link

(Landing Page Only)

Allows you to view and copy the live link.


View Report

(Popup Only)

Allows you to access the individual popup report dashboard.

Active or Inactive


(Popups Only)

Allows you to make a copy of the popup.

Active or Inactive


Allows you to remove content.

*Must deactivate content in order to delete it.

Draft, Active, Inactive

Learn more about the different types of Web Content you can create:

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