The popup pro dashboard allows you to easily view metrics on your acquisition through the popups created in Popup Pro. It also provides a convenient way to build new or edit existing popups.

Access the popup dashboard by navigating to Contacts > Popup Pro.

💡 Only pop ups built in Popup Pro will appear. To view the reporting of Legacy Popups navigate to Solutions > On Site Acquisition > Dashboard.

Popup Performance

In the graph, you will see the total number of acquisitions in the last 30 days. Hovering over a specific date will display the acquisition for a specific day. This will show acquisitions across all popups that were active on that day.

Popup Metrics

In the table view, all active popups or inactive popups that have been configured will be displayed. Navigate between the tabs to view the performance of different popups.

The metrics represent all data available since the popup was launched. The following metrics are available in the chart:

  • Popup Name: The name given to the popup during the setup process.

  • Type: The type of popup configured.

    • Entry: Popups that display when a contact first lands on the site.

    • Exit: Popups that display on a desktop device when a contact's mouse crosses the URL bar.

    • Scroll: Popups that appear after a contact has scrolled past a certain percentage of your content on a page.

    • Button: Popups that appear as a button that will launch a full subscribe form when clicked.

    • Manual: Popups where the behavior is customized to appear at specific times (e.g. clicking a signup banner on your site).

    • Legacy: Popups built outside of Popup Pro in the Legacy Popup builder.

  • Modified: The date the popup was last modified

  • Impressions: The number of times a popup was displayed.

  • Acquisitions: The number of subscribers acquired from the popup.

  • Acquisition Percentage: The percentage of contacts who were show the popup who signed up, calculated by diving acquisitions/impressions.

  • Merchant Name: The name of the merchant the popup is configured for.

Managing the Popups

The active tab displays data for all popups that are currently live on your website. The inactive tab displays data for all popups that are either in edit or test mode.

Checking the checkbox allows you to take additional action on your popups.

  • Edit: Make changes to your popup settings or design elements.

  • Preview: View a preview of your popup creative. Some elements may differ when viewed on your website due to CSS and other code differences.

  • Duplicate: Make an exact copy of the popup. A different name will need to be assigned to the duplicated version.

  • Delete: Delete the popup and all metrics associated.

To drill further into the performance of an individual popup, including applying a timeframe, click on the name of the popup.

Select a date from the date picker to view a specific time frame.

The acquisitions, impressions, and acquisition percentage will update based on the date range provided.

📌 A decease in engagement may indicate that there is a site issue or provide an opportunity to refresh the appearance and feel to increase engagement.

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