The popup dashboard displays metrics related to all configured popups. From this dashboard, you can quickly navigate to new popup creation, as well as edit and maintain previously created popups. Access the popup dashboard by navigating to Contacts, then Popup Pro.

NOTE: Only popups created with Popup Pro will be reported in the dashboard. Legacy reporting should be used for legacy popups.


  • Acquisitions: The number of acquisitions for the last 30 days across all popups.

  • Active: All popups that are currently live on your website.

  • Inactive: All popups that are either in edit or test mode.

  • Edit, Preview, Duplicate, Delete

  • Type: The type of popup configured.

  • Modified: The date the popup was last modified

  • Impressions: The number of times a popup was displayed.

  • Acquisitions: The number of subscribers acquired from the popup.

  • Acquisition Percentage: The percentage of acquisitions to the impressions.

  • Merchant Name: The name of the merchant the popup is configured for.

Drill into any popup by clicking the title of it. You can then view a visual report of the following:

  • Acquisitions

  • Impressions

  • Acquisition Percentage

Select a date from the date picker to view a specific time frame. When selecting a time frame, you can also select a date range, and then compare it to the previous period or the previous year.

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