MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Typically, an MMS message can contain up to 500 kb of data. About 98% of consumers have a mobile device that is able to send and receive MMS messages, so you can imagine why including media in your SMS marketing plan would drive results. Here are some ways MMS differs from SMS:

  • MMS is longer - Listrak allows for up to 1,000 characters while SMS is only 160 characters

  • MMS is more dynamic - Multimedia text messages can contain images, audio, and video whereas SMS only allows text and links

You can upload .jpg, .gif, .mp3. mp4, vcf. files, and files can be up to 500kb and uploaded from your computer. Listrak is limited in file size by the carriers, and each carrier is different, so here are tips and tricks to optimize your sends.

What Dimensions Work Best for MMS?

Images (.gif, .jpg, .png)

Images are best on phones with a ratio of 9:16. We suggest using images that are 640px x 1138px, or 1080px x 1920px. There are numerous free online image compression tools you can use.

  • We recommend only to use vertical (portrait) or square images as nearly all modern device screens are vertically aligned.

  • We recommend file be in .JPG format. PNG files will be converted to JPG for maximum deliverability.

  • No matter what size image you use, be sure to not exceed a file size of 500Kb.

  • Using the suggested image size should meet the width of most screens - but always send yourself a test!

Animated Images (.gif)

For animated .gifs, we recommend either 480x720 (tall), 480x640 (tall), 640x640 (square) 480x480 (square) sizes depending on the amount of animation.

  • Animated images should be in .gif format. Animated PNG is not supported.

  • Use square or tall images, which are smaller in file size, but will leave some empty space above and below the image on the mobile phone when opened in preview mode.

  • Keep the animated image under 500Kb.

  • Animated .gifs should consist of no more than 15-30 frames.

  • Try creating your animated image with frame speed no faster than one every half second.

  • Animated images should have no transparency. Transparency does not work in some devices MMS players and the transparent layer will appear black.

  • Always test your animated .gif before sending it to your list.

Videos (.mp4)

We highly recommend that you upload your videos on your website or through Youtube and send them as a link in your text messages. Most devices will display a preview of the video, almost all will play a Youtube link - let Youtube do the heavy lifting without the compression. If you would still like to attach a video, read on for tips.

  • For videos, the max video duration is 25 seconds.

  • Longer video = lower quality since you have to apply more compression.

  • More movement = lower quality since it requires a higher bitrate and thus higher file size in less time.

  • Always test your video before sending.

  • For landscape videos try (16:9) 1280w x 720h; for vertical videos try (16:9) 640w x 1138h.

  • Try using 30 fps with ~ 2-5Mbps bitrate.

  • Try under 30 seconds or less w/ speaking/low motion.

  • Try under 20 seconds or less with music/fast motion.

Audio (.mp3)

We highly recommend that you upload your videos on your website or through Youtube and send them as a link in your text messages. If you would still like to attach audio, read on for tips.

  • For videos, the max audio duration is 25 seconds.

  • Longer audio = lower quality since you have to apply more compression.

  • Always test your audio file before sending.

Contact Attachments (.vcf)

A Contact Attachment is a Virtual Contact File (.vcf or vCard) which is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business. It typically includes a name, address, phone number, email address, and other contact information. Contact Attachment files also support custom fields, images, and other types of media.

  • .vcf files are text files so you shouldn't have any problem with size.

  • Learn more here about creating a Contact Attachment.

To learn more about this and other SMS features, contact your Account Manager or Listrak Support for more information!

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