You can add social proof to your product recommendations by adding User Generated Content (UGC) to your product recommendation item designs and product recommendation recipes.

Begin by contacting your Account Manager to add alternate images to your account. Alternate images give you the ability to store up to five UGC images per product to your product file. Listrak supports a variety of UGC integrations including Olapic, Curalate, and Pixlee TurnTo. You can also set up a custom UGC/alternate image feed.

Once images have been added to your Listrak product catalog, you are ready to add UGC to your product recommendations. 

Create a Recipe

Typically, not all of your products will have UGC/alternate images associated with them. Therefore, create a recipe that will favor products that have at least one alternate image available. 

  1. Navigate to Solutions >Recommender Recipe Builder.

  2. Click Create a Recipe.

  3. Enter a Name.

  4. Click Ok.

  5. Select a base ingredient.

  6. Click Add at the top of the recipe builder.

  7. Then select the ingredient At Least [Quantity] Alternate Images from the drop-down menu.

  8. Include items with at least one alternate image

  9. Click Add Ingredient.

    💡 If this ingredient is set to 100%, only products with at least one UGC image will be shown. If you set this below 100%, products with at least one UGC image will be favored, however, other products may also be recommended

  10. Click Save Recipe.

You are now ready to set up a merchandise block and add UGC to your item design.

Adding UGC to a Merchandise Block

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Recommender Merchandise Blocks.

  2. Click New Merchandise Block.

  3. Select Email.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select the number of products you'd like to display in the block from the drop-down menu.

  6. Select No to using a pre-made template.

  7. Set your canvas size.

  8. Click Preview My Block Setup.

  9. Click Item Design.

  10. Click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the canvas.

  11. Select Alternate Image.

  12. Click Add Dynamic Element.

  13. Navigate to the gray control panel at the bottom.

  14. Increase the alternate image index to one to display the first UGC/alternate image available for the product.

    💡 You can now use the alternate image in place of the product image or in addition to the product image. If the alternate image is used in your design and no alternate image is available, the product image will be shown.

  15. Click Apply and Preview in Block.

  16. Click Apply Recipes.

  17. Apply the recipe you configured above.

  18. Click Apply Selected Recipe.

  19. Lastly, go to preview block.

  20. Enter a Name.

  21. Click Save.

If you are using this block in Composer, check the box to Show in Composer.

You have now created a merchandise block that will show UGC images instead of product images. This block can be used in HTML or in Composer.



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