The message activity report allows you to view analytics for messages that were sent to your list – but you can take it one step further by viewing the analytics of your messages that contain dynamic content by clicking the dynamic content icon.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.

  2. Go to Message Analytics.

  3. Then Message Activity.

  4. Click the dynamic content icon.

Click the dynamic content icon to view a deeper dive of your analytics. The message containing dynamic content is broken out by the versions that were in the email. Click any of the underlined numbers to view the performance of a specific version. 

  • NOTE: It's important to name your dynamic content versions something relevant and meaningful to you. This makes it easier to identify the different versions when you dive deeper to view the performance of a specific content variation.


If you're using dynamic content in your automated campaigns, such as a Welcome Series, you can view analytics associated with your dynamic content sends by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Analytics.

  2. Go to Conversation Analytics.

  3. Click the Thumnbail View in the right-hand corner of the control bar.

  4. Click the blue Stack Icon.

You will land on the conversation analytics page. Messages that contain dynamic content will be represented with the dynamic content icon.

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