To use profile field data in recommendations, you need to apply a custom variable and a personalization tag to the end of the Recommendations URLs in your message. 


Below is a standard Recommendation Merchandise Block URL:\Email#

This URL and a few pieces of required information links to the Listrak Recommendation engine. The first part of the URL is either the link or image, followed by the merchandise block and some design elements related to the merchandise block, and lastly, the link of the email being sent, where a customer is referenced with Listrak's Recommendations Engine to fulfill the personalized content with recommendations. 

To further optimize your recommendations, you may also pass in additional information through the use of custom URL variables. 


Use custom URL variables to pass additional information into your recommendations, such as a favorite category or style. This information can't be referenced natively in recommendations, however, you can use custom URL variables to pass that information along and use it in recommendations.

First, define the variable (such as SKU) and the the information you want it to contain. So, for example:


The variable “VariableName” can now be referenced in the recipe builder using a question mark and the variable name (as shown below screenshot).

Below is another example:

/FavCat/<<Customer Info\Favorite Category Default=->>/

The variable FavCat can be used in the recipe builder by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
  2. Go to Recommender.
  3. Then Recipe Builder.
  4. Open a recipe.
  5. Add a recipe that accepts a text input such as:

You can use this variable anywhere that you can define the value to be comparing to, such as specific product attributes or custom ingredients. 


NOTE: Be sure to append exactly the same to both the Link and Image URL of a product or else the it will link incorrectly, generally to a 404 page. 

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