You can view the performance of the product recommendations solution based on the performance of a specific email or based on the merchandise block.

Recommendations Dashboard

The recommendations dashboard allows you to view performance at the Merchandise Block level. Both on-site and email recommendations merchandise blocks will appear.

To access the dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Solutions menu

  2. Recommender

  3. Then Dashboard

The following features are available on the dashboard

  1. Date Range Picker: Use the date range to view reporting for a specific timeframe

  2. Usage Graph: This graph allows you to see the block impressions, clicks, and conversions during the timeframe. Click on the metric name to remove it from the graph

  3. Revenue Graph: Shows the revenue generated by a customer who clicked on a product recommendation in an email or on the website and went on to make a purchase during the timeframe.

  4. Channel Breakdown: If you have both email and onsite product recommendations you can view the performance of your total program, website recommendations, or email recommendations

  5. Total Revenue: The total revenue generated by contacts who clicked on a product recommendation during this timeframe. Does not include revenue if customers clicked in other locations of the email or website.

  6. CTR: The clickthrough rate is the average across all merchandise blocks. CTR is calculated as: Clicks/Block Impressions

  7. Conversion Rate: The average conversion rate across all merchandise blocks. Conversion rate is calculated as: Conversions/Clicks

  8. Block Impressions: The number of times the block was viewed on a webpage or viewed when an email was opened in the timeframe.

  9. Clicks: The total number of clicks across all merchandise blocks in the timeframe.

  10. Conversions: The total number of conversions across all merchandise blocks in the timeframe.

  11. AOV: The average order value of the orders customers placed after clicking on a product recommendation.

  12. Individual Block Performance: This chart breaks down the performance of individual blocks so you can compare to each other.

  13. View Recipe Performance: If you have applied multiple recipes in the same merchandise block (in a recurring automated campaign, for example) you can see the clicks broken down by recipe. This is an easy way to see which type of recipe draws more engagement.

Tips for Using Merchandise Block Reporting

  • A single merchandise block can be used across multiple emails

  • Metrics will be averaged across all emails sent containing a merchandise block

  • A specific merchandise block is often used with a type of email (example: weekly newsletter)

Email Performance

In addition to viewing the performance of the Merchandise Block, which might be included in multiple emails, you can also see how much revenue was attributed to product recommendations in a single email.

  1. Navigate to the Solutions menu

  2. Then Conversion Dashboard

In the Revenue Breakdown section and message chart you will see a column dedicated to Recommdender. This column displays the amount of revenue attributed to a contact who clicked on a recommendation and made a purchase. The recommender revenue is also included in the total revenue column.

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