You've gathered and imported a list of contacts and have most likely also collected valuable information about those contacts in the form of profile fields. Profile fields contain information about the contact such as first name, last name, state, etc. You can use this information to your advantage by creating personalized content.

Personalized content, such as a greeting at the beginning of an email, addressed specifically to you, can catch the reader's attention. You can customize content using profile fields using the personalization control panel. Using a simple first name in the subject line can drive higher open rates. When done correctly, a first name in a subject line or email can work perfectly for loyalty emails, thank you emails, or special VIP email invites. 

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to New Message.
3. After you've filled out the message settings as needed, scroll down to the personalization control panel

The personalization control panel contains the individual profile fields fields that you've created under Contacts > Profile Fields. For example, you can send a message using the contact's first name if the first name field is set up and listed in the customer's profile. 

4. To use the fields, first click on the field from the list on the left. The code snippet to use in the message then appears on the right.


What if you have some customer information, but not for everyone on your list? If someone hasn't provided you with their first name, for example, you can set up a default value to take the place of the blank space. To add a default value to the profile field:

1. While in the personalization control panel, click Advanced Options.
2. Click the Default checkbox.
3. Click the desired field in the left-hand column and the code for that field will appear in the right-hand column.
4. Enter your desired default term in between the single quotation marks (' ').

In the example below, the profile tag will display either the contact's first name or "Valued Customer" if the contact has no first name listed.  

5. See how the message will look by clicking Preview and selecting a contact to view.
6. Click Load Contact and you'll see their specific information displayed.


You can also use the same technique to personalize content in the following areas:

  • Subject Line

NOTE: If the subject line has these special characters and you are using Google Analytics, make sure to name the campaign so it doesn’t default to the subject line as this will disrupt tracking. Profile field data can be used in Google and URL variable tracking.

  • From Name
  • From Email Address

NOTE: Use the default data option for these to ensure that something always populates. 

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