Personalized content, such as a greeting at the beginning of an email can catch the reader's attention. Including a contact's name in the subject line can also increase engagement. Listrak allows you to personalize your emails using profile fields. Profile fields contain information about the contact such as first name, last name, state, etc. that is collected as a contact engages with your site and your email program.

Personalized content can be added to HTML or Composer emails, as well as used in the authoring experience, such as adding it to a subject line. To add personalized content into an email, you will place a Listrak-specific tag in the text component of your message, or in the field on the authoring experience, such as subject line.

To generate the tag that can be used in HTML or the authoring experience, use the personalization control panel. To generate the tag in Composer use the built-in Composer personalization drop-down.

Not sure where to start? Check out some common use cases.

Using the Personalization Control Panel

The personalization control panel allows you to create the unique tag that can be added to the fields on the message authoring page, such as subject line, or added to an HTML email.

The personalization control panel contains the individual profile fields fields that you've created under Contacts > Email Contact Profile Fields. The fields are listed by the field group and then the field. They are in the same order they appear in when viewing the profile field in the contacts menu.

⚠️ Only profile fields created on the specific list will appear in the Control Panel.

To use the fields, click on the field from the list on the left. The code snippet to use in the message then appears on the right. You can further customize this code snippet by using the advanced options

Adding a Default Value

One of the ways to customize your code snippet is to add a default value that can be used if a contact does not have a value in their profile. For example, you can set up a default value such as 'Valued Customer' or 'Friend' if a contact does not have a first name in their profile.

  1. 1.While in the personalization control panel, click Advanced Options.

    💡 You must turn on the advanced option before clicking on the field name

  2. Click the Default checkbox.

  3. Click the desired field in the left-hand column and the code for that field will appear in the right-hand column.

  4. Enter your desired default term in between the single quotation marks (' ').

  5. Copy the tag and paste it where you would like the personalized content to appear, such as the subject line or in your HTML content.

    💡 In an HTML message you can apply font stylings to customize the appearance of the text.

In the example below, the profile tag will display either the contact's first name or "Valued Customer" if the contact has no first name listed.

Hello,<<Customer Information\First Name Default='Valued Customer'>>

Using Personalization in Listrak Composer

When creating a message in Listrak Composer you can insert personalized content into any text element of your message using the Personalization drop-down.

  1. Once you have added your text element to the canvas, click on the Personalization drop-down.

    💡 Use the search bar to easily select the tag that you would like to include in the message.

  2. The tag will be added to your text element. The default option is automatically included in the tag. To include a default value, add it between the two single quotation marks.

  3. You can style the appearance of the personalized value by highlighting the personalization tag and configuring the appearance in the text editing toolbar.

Use Cases

Personalized messages increase engagement and loyalty from your contacts. Below are some common ways to include personalization in emails.

  • Subject Line: Including a contact's first name in the subject line can increase open rates. Simply paste the value from the personalization control panel in the subject line.

  • Analytics: Personalization tags can be included in your Google and Listrak Analytics to enhance your campaign reporting. Simply paste the value from the personalization control panel in the analytics.

  • Customer Service Style Emails: Emails that appear as a letter from someone like a customer service representative or CEO can be used to send important information to contacts. The most common tag to add to these messages is first name to increase the personal feelings of these messages.

  • Loyalty Data: If you have integrated your loyalty program with Listrak, include data, such as tier status or points value, in the bottom of your marketing emails.

  • Headlines: You may want to break up sections of your email with headlines, such as above a recommendations or product block. Include personalization, such as state name, to create custom headlines like "Top Picks for 'Your State.'

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