Add social proof to your Abandonment Campaigns by pairing them with User Generated Content (UGC). 

Begin by contacting your Account Manager to add alternate images to your account. This will give you the ability to store up to five UGC images per product to your product file. Listrak supports a variety of UGC integrations including Olapic, Curalate, and Pixlee TurnTo. You can also set up a custom UGC/alternate image feed.

Once images have been added to your Listrak product catalog, you are ready to add UGC to your abandonment campaigns. The following directions provide a high-level overview of how to add one UGC image to the first item in the cart. You may add up to five UGC images per item. You may also add UGC images to additional items. 

Set Up Abandonment Personalization Fields

In this section, you will enable Listrak to collect the image URLs from your user generated content so that it can be used in your abandonment emails.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Abandonment Settings.

  2. Click Personalization Fields in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Click Add New Field.

    1. Navigate to Cart.

    2. Open the folder called Items.

    3. Then open the folder called Product.

    4. Click to open the folder for Alternate Images.

  4. Select the field called URL.

  5. Click Next at the bottom of the popup.

  6. Under Items, Item 0 will be the first item in the cart.  

    💡 Under AlternateImages#, 0 refers to the first UGC images associated with the product (up to five are available). If you would like to select a different image (if sending) use the plus and minus sign.

  7. Add a identifying name for the filed in the AlternateImages box.

    ⚠️ Spaces cannot be used in the name.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Confirm your settings.

  10. Click Save Field.

When the first item in a cart has at least one UGC/alternate image, the image URL will be saved to this personalization field where it can be used in your message design.

Updating the Conductor Logic

To ensure that images remain in sync the next time subscribers abandon their carts, an alternative image must be removed from their profile prior to your subscribers exiting your abandonment conversation to ensure your images remain in sync.

  1. Navigate to Authoring > Conductor Conversations.

  2. Select your Abandonment Conversation.

  3. Click the green plus sign where you want to add a step.

  4. Select an Action Step.

  5. Click the Action Step.

  6. Select the Action Type of  Update Segment Field with Value to each thread prior to the terminate step.

  7. Select the Profile Field <<SCA\Cart-Items-0-Product-AlternateImagesType1-0-Url>> from the drop-down menu.

  8. Then Select clear the existing value

You are now ready to create messages using a UGC image.

Using Dynamic Content

Since not all cart items will have UGC images associated with them,  you will want to create a version of your message that includes UGC and one that does not. You can use dynamic content filtering to find carts where <<SCA\Cart-Items-0-Product-AlternateImagesType1-0-Url>> is not blank. These carts have UGC available for item one. 

Adding to Your Message Design

Lastly, you can insert the personalization field <<SCA\Cart-Items-0-Product-AlternateImagesType1-0-Url>> in your HTML or Composer message to pull the UGC Image for item one into your message design. You can use this image in place of the product image or in addition to the product image if you wish to give your subscriber additional views of products they have abandoned.

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