Listrak CRM allows you to access data across all lists and contact statuses.

Access Listrak CRM by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Dashboards> CRM Select a dashboard.

  2. Select a dashboard from the list.

When a dashboard loads you will see any tiles that have been added to the dashboard. Let's explore some of the basic navigation on this page below.

  1. Title: The title of the dashboard you're viewing. Use the title to indicate what type of data is available on your dashboard.

  2. Last Cache Time: The time when a tile or dashboard results were last loaded and cached. Tiles and dashboards that were previously cached will show cached results until the tiles finish refreshing. Dashboards and tiles are refreshed periodically to display up to date data.

  3. Edit: Edit allows you to create new tiles, select looks to add to the dashboard, edit text, filters, and settings, as well as options within each of the tiles. In order to make any changes to the appearance or data on a dashboard it must be in edit mode.

  4. Gear: This icon allows you to download the dashboard as a pdf or .csv file, schedule an export, or delete the dashboard by moving it to the trash. Use the gear to manage exporting your data to a location outside of the Listrak platform.

  5. Grid: This icon allows you to access the other group and personal dashboards available in your CRM interface. Personal dashboards are only accessible to you, while group dashboards are available to all account users with CRM access. The Grid icon is the easiest way to navigate between dashboards once you are in the CRM interface.

Click here to learn more about editing a dashboard.

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