Q: What is a Buyertrak program?

  • Buyertrak program and PCO Purchase Cadence are both names for a Replenishment Campaign. 

Q: What is the difference between Calculated and Override (Days)?

  • When a new product enters the system AND that product has been purchased more than 1 time by shoppers, Listrak can begin showing a Calculated replenishment period (in days). 

  • This Calculated period can be overridden by entering a value in Override (Days) AND checking the Force Override box. 

  • Optionally, entering an Override (Days) value and NOT checking the Force Override box can set a temporary replenishment period while product stats are being calculated. This means that a new product with no purchase history will temporarily use the Override amount until the Calculated value is available.

  • By default, shoppers with no purchase history for a product will use the Calculated value, or Override (Days) value if Force Override is checked. As soon as a shopper has purchased the same product twice, Listrak will begin calculating their individual replenishment cadence. 

  • If Force Override is checked, Listrak will not honor an individual's unique replenishment cadence.

  • If an individual's cadence is too far outside the average replenishment period, the default Calculated value will be used. 

Q: How do I include new products into my Replenishment Campaign?

  • When new products are added to Listrak (for example, when a new product is added to your product file), they will show up automatically in your Replenishment dashboard. However, they are excluded from Replenishment by default. To include these products, navigate to your Replenishment dashboard, locate the product, and toggle to YES. These products are then included.

Q: What data is being used for the Replenishment solution?

  • Replenishment pulls data from files such as order history and product files. 

Q: How can I enable products in bulk? How can I update the cadence and force override for products in bulk?

  • You can do a large batch import by submitting a request to the Listrak Client Success Team at success@listrak.com. 

Q: Why would I want to override the Listrak cadence?

  • If you are selling a 30 day supply of a product and want to ensure reminders go out monthly you may consider setting an override. 

  •  However, you should be mindful that Listrak understands an individual's personal preference and setting a force override removes the personalized nature of Replenishment. For example, you may not want to apply a global replenishment rate for shampoo for a male/female. Our system will cater to each of these preferences and intelligently remind each when it's time to reorder.

Q: What if my customer is due to replenish more than one item at once?

  • If a customer has more than one item due within that week, the items will be bundled together so only a single message is received. 

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