Replenishment, also known as a Buyertrak program or PCO purchase cadence,   generates reminders using predictive behavioral analytics, order history data, and integrated business intelligence to reach your customers to remind them when it's time to replenish their merchandise.


  1. INCLUDED: When Included is toggled to Yes, reminders will be sent for this product. Newly added products are toggled to No by default. 

  2. SKU: This is the product information pulled in from the product, customer, and order files. New products are automatically added as Listrak is aware of them from the file imports or direct integrations. 

  3. TITLE: This is the title for the product.

  4. PRODUCT CREATE DATE: This is the date that Listrak became aware of the product. View the most recent products by clicking the column heading.

  5. REPLENISHMENT SCORE: This is visual representation of how replenishable Listrak believes a product is based on previous order history. For example, vitamins, diapers, and pens are more replenishable than treadmills.

  6. CALCULATED: This is how often, on average, customers reorder a particular product.

  7. +/- RE-ORDER VARIANCE: This is the variance based on order history and the give-and-take from Listrak's calculated average. For example, a 30-day supply of vitamins will typically have a low re-order variance from the standard calculation, as most users will need a refill in 30 days. Lotion may have a greater variance, while some may use it daily and others once a week.

  8. OVERRIDE (DAYS): The default is used when no product history is available for Listrak to calculate a cadence. This is always used when force override is enabled.

  9. FORCE OVERRIDE: Checking this box means that all customers will use the override (days) as their cadence and not the calculated algorithm. Use force override if you know exactly how long a supply should last for.

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