The Replenishment report is accessible from the Conversion Dashboard. You can click-through the Conversion Dashboard to view the top brands, products, and categories purchased from Replenishment campaigns. Access the Replenishment report by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.

  2. Go to Conversion Dashboard.

  3. Navigate to the Revenue Breakdown section.

  4. Click Replenishment.

After clicking through the conversion dashboard, select a date range at the top of the page to view the applicable data.

Following the date range, you will see the merchant and campaign type, replenishment.

Then, view the top five products, brands, and categories purchase by subscribers who engaged with your Replenishment campaigns. You can drill into each of these by click view details on each of the cards.

Following the top products, brands, and categories, view a larger chart with a representation of the following information about your customers. This is a comprehensive list of orders attributed to your Replenishment Campaigns for the date range you have selected.

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