After you've configured all of your replenishment settings, you can set up replenishment messages and add them to a Listrak Conductor conversation.


Before creating your email and adding in a section for the products to appear, be sure that you have contacted the Listrak Client Success Team to set up your Replenishment Contact Content Blocks (CCBs). 

Once these have been set up and mapped in Listrak, you can add them to a Replenishment email. Add the CCB to a message by following the below steps.

💡 Before you begin, ensure you are on the replenishment list.

  1. Navigate to Messages > Email New Broadcast Email.

  2. Name the Replenishment Message.

  3. Create the main content of your email such as header and footer.

  4. Navigate to the personalization control panel.

  5. Locate the Replenishment personalization tag

  6. Copy the PCO\ProductHTML personalization tag.

  7. Navigate to the HTML editor.

  8. Locate where you'd like the item to be placed in the body of the email.

  9. Paste the copied personalization tag into the body of the email.

  10. Click Save.

NOTE: Remember that Replenishment is also known as a Buyertrak program or PCO. This may be reflected as how the segmentation fields are saved.

Repeat the above steps for however many messages there are in your Replenishment campaign.


What to include in a Replenishment message is up to each individual marketing strategy. Below is an example of King Arthur Flour's Replenishment message. In their campaign, they are including the product that needs replenished as well as an option to snooze the replenishment reminder and resend the message in 15 or 30 days, and Product Recommendations to draw attention to products similar to the one that's being replenished. However, they don't just stop there - following the Recommendations, they're providing links to other sections of their site that focus on building brand relationships rather than products. 


Now that the messages are created and updated with the appropriate personalization fields, the next step is to build out a Listrak Conductor Conversation. There are many options when building out a Replenishment conversation. This could be a one message conversation or a conversation that allows the shopper to snooze reminders until a later date. Below are examples of each:

To learn more about creating a Listrak Conductor Conversation, click here.

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